Our History

Our History


The activities of the company cover 2 different areas


New era

The raisins factory and the hotel complexes operate under the supervision of the new generation of successors of the Toskoudis family, who tirelessly and with a high sense of responsibility continue the rise of the company.


Our values are based on our responsibility towards our employees, consumers and the environment, they are the core of the company’s choices and decisions, defining the whole range of our activities.

  • People over earnings

  • Constant effort for high quality

  • Transparency for everything

  • Trust and meritocracy

  • Innovation and continuous improvement

  • Social and environmental responsibility

  • Be honest to our clients

  • Work along with our clients

  • Be always the best

Greek Enterprise Certification

Our company has received the Greek Enterprise Certification from the organization “Epimeno Ellinika”, which is the oldest organization for the support and promotion of Greek products / services and companies, and works under the auspices of the Ministry of Development & Investment.

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